a funny night out


I was lucky to get a night of stand up comedy with my sister Ruth this past weekend. I have been a fan of Brooks Wheelan for a long time and was so excited to hear he was coming to town. I love stand up comedy, really. It’s so much fun. My sister does as well and I was excited to show her a comedian she hadn’t really heard to much of before. Of course he killed it and so did everyone who preformed before him. We had a great time. If you haven’t been to a comedy show yet, you better get on it. Some will sink, but seeing a good comedian makes for a great night.

photo 2
Sister selfies.

photo 1
He’s funny, and a babe.

photo 3
and us again.

Here he is on Conan recently.

The Best Part Is Going Home


It’s such an awesome experience to see one of your favorite musicians live, but this Portlandia skit nailed it.  In my old age, this is how it goes.

Frequent Flyer


I was about 8 years old when this episode of Saturday Night Live originally aired. I didn’t get to stay up late to watch it with my older siblings, but thank god they recorded it onto VHS for us youngins to enjoy later on. It’s funny, I already loved Bill Murray just as much then as I do now, and I still watch SNL regularly, (just not actually on Saturday.) Some things really don’t change. I can’t tell you how may times I watched this episode as a kid, but I know it was a whole lot. Season 18, Episode 14. I wish I could find the rest of the episode to post, but so far no dice. At least you can enjoy this-

you’re welcome.

Har Har


I’m a huge comedy fan, actually, I’m a huge fan of good comedy. I really love it. I wanted to add a little section of my blog dedicated to sharing all the “funny stuff” that I’m into. Humor is such a big part of my life, why not… Plus, laughter is good for you, I’ve read a good laugh can be compared to a mild workout & it improves your immune system.  It’s my number one workout.