From The Archives May 2, 1995


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I don’t remember taking my old diaries to school, but as I read through them I keep finding short little school entries like this.  I imagine I had to keep them short in hopes that I wouldn’t get caught but absolutely had to express how glad I was that the SAT8 tests (which are bullshit) were done.
I also had to include a cover picture of this little notebook. It’s fancy and polite.

From The Archives- May 17, 2001


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My second archive post. These are still embarrassing to me, but I guess that’s the beauty of them.  I was about 15 here, and clearly had it all figured out.  Enjoy.

From the Archives- December 31, 1995


Here it is, my first archives post. New Year’s Eve, 1995. I was 9 years old. Honestly, this is kind of how my New Year’s went this year… A real party.


It should be noted that I am clearly dyslexic, I’m sure you can tell. Thankfully I can control it better in my old age.

I’ll be back soon with more.

From the archives


Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I am excited for the New Year, and totally ok with saying goodbye to 2014. It’s been real. It’s been trying, it’s been exciting, it’s brought a lot of change, and it’s brought a lot of joy. I am thankful for another year of learning with this rowdy bunch.  I mentioned before that I wanted to make a few changes around here, or, maybe I should say, I’ve been wanting to do more.  It’s hard to knuckle down and get my ass in gear, so a new year is a great place to start.  One thing I am excited to share with everyone is a new feature I am adding to the blog called “from the archives.”
I have been keeping diaries and journals since I was about 6 years old and have held on to ALL of them.  I always knew I wanted to do something with them, so with the new year I will be slowly adding diary and journal entires from my past. Most of them are pretty light. Some are juicy. There’s plenty of complaining and venting. Lots of “what I did today.” Some entires that are just sad as any young girl can be.  My goal is to get a new one up every two weeks, but I’ll keep that pretty loose. Rereading all these old notebooks is interesting for sure.  Revisiting how my little mind used to work is funny, pretty embarrassing, and makes me cringe a little.  You should know, I was definitely boy crazy for a long while.

I won’t be posting one today, as it is still 2014 but keep your eyes peeled, I will have one up in the next few days.

photo-16Here are some of what I am working with.

Well, Happy New Year! Be safe! And check back with me soon!