New Crystal Rollers


I’ve FINALLY got these new crystal rollers listed in the shop!

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Amethyst Essential Oil Roller
Allow mental anxiety, tension, and the stress of a hard day’s work to roll away with this Amethyst Essential Oil Roller. Amethyst is known to sooth the mind of turbulent emotions while welcoming a stillness of body and mind to boost creativity and passion where it counts. Bergamont, lavender, vanilla, and eucalyptus essential oils saturate the purple quartz, giving this roller a double dose of calming, anti-depressant, and stress fighting properties.
Apply the oils from this .33oz glass roller onto the wrists, base of the neck, and close to the heart.


Rose Quartz Oil Roller
Concede to the soft energies of compassion, peace, and tenderness from this Rose Quartz Oil Roller and ground yourself in the necessity of both self love and community bonding. Also known as the love stone, rose quartz attracts romance, love, and intimacy to all emboldened by it. Neroli, jasmine, and ylang ylang essential oils saturate this heart stone, bringing with them their uplifting, romantic, and sensual properties.
Apply the oils from this .33oz glass roller onto the wrists, base of the neck, and close to the heart.


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We got dress up for a Holiday party this weekend… It feels good to get fancy sometimes.

You can find us at The Green Room


The Green Room is full of some of best beauty guru’s around. These ladies know their stuff, may it be waxing, professional make-up or massage. They are all super talented, beautiful and SO easy to like. I hope you remember to support small business this Christmas season and stop by for your gifting needs. Gift certificates telling someone you love to enjoy a little pampering are always a good idea but they also have lots of other wonderful goodies (including the Julie Hewett make-up line, which I happen to love) and now you can find your Sylvie James products there too. I’m super happy to have our products in this awesome beauty bar. You can book appointments online, too! I had a massage there today, it was amazing!

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Small Business Saturday Pop-up & launch


I’m excited to be doing a Pop-up shop at the Green Room Beauty Bar for this year’s Small Business Saturday, but even more excited to have this wonderful shop carry our products! Come by for a pop-up shop and launch of our products at this beautiful location! The ladies of the Green Room are wonderful and I’m happy to be working with them! Come get some holiday shopping done, book you next wax appointment and enjoy a refeshment! November 28th!


Lunar Infused Rose Face Oil


This Limited Edition Lunar Infused Rose Face Oil is made with organic Rose Hips and Rose petals to restore and protect delicate or dry skin.
Lunar infused together for over a month and under September’s super moon capturing the essence and energy of the full moon.
Made to hydrate, soothe and is a wonderful anti-inflammatory.
Blended with Safflower, Sweet Almond and Jojoba oil to create a luxury nourishing and anti-aging blend that is perfect for everyday use.

These smell amazing and are pretty limited, so don’t hesitate! You can find them in the shop!


48 Hours in Portland


I got to sneak away for a quick trip to Portland two weeks ago. I love Portland and was happy to be back even for a short time.  My first solo trip. Elise, my sister lives there and we spent all our time catching up and eating food. It was such a fun mini getaway.  I wish I shot more photos, but here is what I’ve got. I hope to be back soon…












Pumpkin Facial Mask


I have new post up at Indi MoonRose sharing two easy Pumpkin facial masks.  Pumpkin happens to be AMAZING for skin.

“Pumpkins are loaded with Vitamin A,C,E & K all of which are great for anti-aging, fine lines, skin spots and boosting collagen production. They are also loaded with minerals like magnesium, potassium, and iron, while the seeds are full of zinc. They help to control oil production, speed up healing time for problem areas and shrink pores. Pumpkin is also a strong antioxidant and combats inflammation and puffiness. It brightens your skin leaving you with a beautiful glow. ”

You can find my post here, I hope you take a peek before you carve those pumpkins this week!

New in the shop!


I’ve been working on some new things and am so pleased with these new items!
Anti-aging daily moisturizer and a Calendula + Lavender Healing salve… I use these items every. single. day. and I hope you try them out!


Everyone needs a good moisturizer and this one is the perfect blend of hydrating, restoring and toning. Made with rosewater, aloe and a blend of anti-aging essential oils to treat all your skin needs. Great for everyday and can be used as a night cream as well. It’s formulated to hydrate all the way to the skins dermal layer, locking moisture in.


Oh, this salve is magic! It has so many uses… Age spots, bruises, diaper rash, Psoriasis, stretch marks, wrinkles, bug bites, Eczema, spider veins, puffy under eye bags, the list goes on. A necessity for not only your beauty regiment but also your first aid kit. Made with the powerful Calendula flower to aid and treat so many skin irritations.

Both handmade in small batches, all natural, organic, toxin free, chemical free & cruelty free!
In the shop now!!

Under a Super Moon


I took full advantage of the Super Moon this week and started two fresh batches of Lunar infused oils. I can’t wait to see how these turn out. Lunar infused Rose Oil and Lunar infused Chamomile oil for calming and settling the soul while of course treating and nourishing the skin. I have been putting them in the moon light every night since and am so eager to try them!

Shop Updates


Hi Friends! I’ve been busting my hump to make some changes in the shop and I am happy to finally have some listed!

First I have our Repairing Nighttime Facial Serum.


This is a great addition to your night time regiment. Made to help restore the balance in damaged skin while moisturizing, treating fine lines, age spots and renewing damaged cells.

AND I posted my favorite Rose Toner.


Our gentle Rose Facial Toner is perfect for all skin types. Made to tighten pores, eliminate oil and balance skin. Perfect for everyday use after cleansing your skin.

Of course all products are handmade in small batches, Organic, Natural, Toxin Free & Cruelty Free.

Take a look in the shop, and stay posted as I will be continuing to work on the line and make shop updates! Exciting things!