After a long hiatus….


Our shop is back open after a long hiatus! We’ve been busy getting to know our new town and unpacking our new house… We’re starting to feel settled and are excited for whats to come…

you can check out old a new things in the shop now!



Rosewater is BACK



This 100% Pure Rosewater smells amazing and makes a wonderful facial toner or body mist. It hydrates, revitalizes and soothes skin, great for after sun exposer. Rosewater helps your skin maintain its pH balance while also fighting acne and calming eczema. Pure Rosewater is wonderful for aging skin and treating fine lines. It is also great for the hair and scalp as it helps to treat dandruff while moisturizing hair. Breathe beep while using as the scent is calming and grounding.

Made with organic Roses.

Comes in 2oz glass amber spray bottle.

Handmade. Organic. Chemical free. Cruelty free. All natural.

Rose + Neroli Facial Mist


New in the shop!!



Hydrate and tone your skin with this Rose + Neroli Facial Mist.
Made from 100% pure organic Rosewater this mist is perfect for those hot days or an afternoon pick me up. The scent with help stimulate your mind while the Aloe, Rosewater and witch hazel restore, purify and refresh your face. Neroli essential oil is added for and extra boost of anti-aging. This is the perfect toner after you wash your face or a great after sun spray. Rosewater is anti-inflammatory and a great antiseptic for any unwanted blemishes.


All Natural, Organic, Handmade, and Cruelty free, as always!

Citrine Quartz Rollers


New in the shop!

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These golden rollers are blended with Citrine Quartz, known as the merchants stone blended in organic grape seed oil with Patchouli, Wild Orange, Grapefruit + Myrrh essential oils.

Made to enhance mental focus and boost your mood. Citrine is known to bring prosperity, success, happiness + laughter. It aids in overcoming fear and nightmares. Perfect mellow scent for men & women with lively citrus and the earthy Patchouli + Myrrh to help ground you and awaken.

-Organic-Handmade-All Natural-Chemical Free- Cruelty Free-

New Crystal Rollers


I’ve FINALLY got these new crystal rollers listed in the shop!

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Amethyst Essential Oil Roller
Allow mental anxiety, tension, and the stress of a hard day’s work to roll away with this Amethyst Essential Oil Roller. Amethyst is known to sooth the mind of turbulent emotions while welcoming a stillness of body and mind to boost creativity and passion where it counts. Bergamont, lavender, vanilla, and eucalyptus essential oils saturate the purple quartz, giving this roller a double dose of calming, anti-depressant, and stress fighting properties.
Apply the oils from this .33oz glass roller onto the wrists, base of the neck, and close to the heart.


Rose Quartz Oil Roller
Concede to the soft energies of compassion, peace, and tenderness from this Rose Quartz Oil Roller and ground yourself in the necessity of both self love and community bonding. Also known as the love stone, rose quartz attracts romance, love, and intimacy to all emboldened by it. Neroli, jasmine, and ylang ylang essential oils saturate this heart stone, bringing with them their uplifting, romantic, and sensual properties.
Apply the oils from this .33oz glass roller onto the wrists, base of the neck, and close to the heart.


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Holiday Pop Up Shop!



I’ll be at Black & Brown this Sunday the 20th for your last chance to snag some of our skin care items before the holiday! Patton Design will be slanging some amazing handcrafted reclaimed wood pieces too, you definitely don’t want to miss out! Finish all of your holiday shopping in one spot!

Lunar Infused Rose Face Oil


This Limited Edition Lunar Infused Rose Face Oil is made with organic Rose Hips and Rose petals to restore and protect delicate or dry skin.
Lunar infused together for over a month and under September’s super moon capturing the essence and energy of the full moon.
Made to hydrate, soothe and is a wonderful anti-inflammatory.
Blended with Safflower, Sweet Almond and Jojoba oil to create a luxury nourishing and anti-aging blend that is perfect for everyday use.

These smell amazing and are pretty limited, so don’t hesitate! You can find them in the shop!


Lemon Balm On Spot Acne Treatment


This little on spot treatment is great for fighting blemishes and even better for fighting pimples that are just beginning to form. Made with Lemon Balm, a natural anti-bacterial and Tea Tree oil, a natural antiseptic. This spot treatment fights bacterial growth but is also made with Lavender and Jojoba oil to heal, calm, nurture and replenish the skin.

It’s all natural, organic, handmade, 100% chemical free and of course cruelty free!

In the shop now, take a peek!

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Infusing Oil with Herbs, my latest obsession.


I’ve been really into solar infusing herbs lately, maybe even obsessed.  It’s so beneficial and such an easy way to use the power of the sun with these amazing herbal plants. The energy from the sun helps extract beneficial parts of the plant as well as the heat of the sun.  I have been please with the out come every single time.  It takes patience, but is so worth it. IMG_5751
It’s super easy, and you need to try.

Start by placing herbs of choice in a clean, dry mason jar. Fill with a carrier oil to cover herbs completely (about an inch above the level of the herbs) but leave at least an inch at the top of the jar so that herbs can expand. Screw the cap on tight. Set in the sun and leave for at least 3 to 6 weeks (I usually do about 4.) When you are ready to use the oil, strain through a cheesecloth (or fine mesh strainer) to remove the herbs. I usually only strain the amount I need and let the rest of the oil & herbs brew together until I need it later.

Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba have been my favorite carrier oils so far.


I use these infused oils all the time and for so many different things. Salves, creams, lotions, massage oils, shower oil and some you can cook with too.  They have lots of the same beneficial properties as essential oils, but end up being less expensive and more child friendly.  The more reading I do on infusing oils, the more excited I am about it.

I’m also loving Lunar infusion.  The moon has such a calming energy so I love to use herbs that keep that theme going. Lavender and Chamomile are great herbs for Lunar infusion.

epa04547292 A full moon reclects the sunlight as seen from Manila, Philippines, 05 January 2015. The first Full Moon in January is also known as the 'Full Wolf Moon', a name coming from native Americans who connected it to the howling of the hungry wolves outside their villages. EPA/DENNIS M. SABANGAN

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Of course under the full moon is the best time to start your Lunar infusions, so here are the next full moons for you – September 27th Full Harvest Moon 10:50 pm, October 27th Full Hunter’s Moon 8:05 am, November 25th Full Beaver Moon 5:44 pm, December 25th Full Cold Moon 6:11 am.