Weeklies 40/52


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Weeklies together.  I read The Little Prince to the kids, it took a few days but Mila loved it. After we played with these cute masks I had been holding onto for years. I forgot how much I loved that book.

Weeklies 34/52




Mila Sylvie: At the farmers market making sure I document all her boo-boos.

Uzi James: A moment in the shade with mom to catch his breath.

Weeklies 32/53




Mila: The perfect spot for her lunch break. Peanut butter & honey is her favorite these days.

Uzi: Just waiting to go fishing with his dudes.

Weeklies 31/52



Mila: She dressed her self and was very pound about it.

Uzi: A cute little piggy nose and dirty mouth.