Honey & Lavender Sugar Scrub


I’ve been using the oil method to clean my face and have been very happy with the results, but I wanted to add a good all natural exfoliant to use a few times a week to my regiment.  I made this Honey & Lavender Sugar scrub and totally love it! Honey is an antiseptic, which means it’s great for acne.  I’ve been using this on my face, but really you could use it as a body scrub as well, just make a bigger batch! Wanna try it?

Here’s what you need-

1/4 cup organic cane sugar (Organic Cane Sugar)
3 Tablespoons Apricot Oil (Aura Cacia Natural Oil)
1 Tablespoons Raw organic honey (Bee Farms Organic Raw Honey )
10 drops lavender essential oil (
doTERRA Lavender)
jar for storage 
(Ball Canning Jar)


Mix sugar, apricot oil, and raw honey together.
Add essential oils and stir

photo 1-14

photo 2-13

photo 3-9


You also could substitute the Apricot oil for Olive oil, I know lots for people like to use Olive Oil on their face as well.

Try this one, smells great and is a great easy DIY gift idea too! I think I’ll be giving some of these out for Christmas.


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